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There comes a time when all mental gymnastics and talking that we do have to go practical. The change-over is the difference between useless polemic, and revolutionary change. The 20,000+ years of masculine suffering ends here.
The following are all ideas that I have experienced and shared with my 'Tiaos. They are more suggestions and guidelines to provide ideas, and are not to be considered an enforced regimen. You and your 'Tiaos have your own ideas, activities, games, ways, and concepts. You will be able to devise more ideas and experiences for your own Monkey Play. Don't feel limited to just these ideas, they are simply to be conceptual and inspirational. The core of it is love your 'Tiaos, and weave with them! May you and your 'Tiaos have fun, and stay safe, strong, and wise; and always be free of the empire.


The place to start is with yourself! Find time to discover your own body. Explore your body's senses fully- experience changes in lighting, smells, temperature, texture, and humidity in the environment around you. Get naked in a tub of water or on the floor in your room. and use candlelight, music, and a fan to change variants. Masturbate using your full body, not just focusing on your crotch. Learn to be in the moment or the sensation, and not simply have a race to the climax. The importance of this is to learn to be in your body, your own masculinity, and your own senses. This is the first step in being able to be at peace with other males in a close, nurturing, and meaningful way.
Also, you should not be afraid of vocal, but non-verbal expressions. Naturally-occurring noises- grunts, sighs, moans, growls, "mmmmm's"- these should all be freely expressed and voiced when you feel them. The idea is to let the rhythm and energy flow. To not is to be oppressed, and in an unhealthy, unnatural state.


Monkey DenIt is extremely important to create a safe, secure, non-feminized space within which you will Monkey Play with your 'Tiaos- a Monkey Den. It is then critical to create all-male time within the Monkey Den for you and your 'Tiaos. An unwelcoming, insecure space will lead to no one feeling safe and open; the lack of time and the resulting pressures of being rushed will result in the same effect.
The Monkey Den should be inviting and warm, and should have things that you like or like to do in it. The simplest way is to start with you or your 'Tiao's room.) You and your 'Tiaos should want to be in the Monkey Den, and feel quite at home there. A large couch or beanbags or a futon would provide seats, a stereo would provide music. Posters, a computer, books, instruments, art supplies, a collection of things that interests you- these are all important and part of the atmosphere. I have found that keeping my space low to the floor, and having different forms of lighting also helps.


Greet AffectionatelyGo beyond the formal, paranoid, imperial "I'm not armed" handshake, and hug your boys Hello! A cheek, nose, neck, or forehead kiss is also strongly suggested. A hug is a big, tight, fun, full-contact embrace, a bear-hug. Think how two anacondas would embrace! If you can't hug your boys like this, you probably aren't that close to them, anyway.

The traditional NiTaino male-male greeting was a full anaconda hug, while each 'Tiao puts on hand down and lightly squeezes the other's groin; or, in traditional belts, would hold each other's penises. I have seen this form of greeting among EEUU/ USA Navy men, and warehouse workers.

This is the Chi'in Glyph, the NiTaino glyph for a male-male embrace. Notice that arms and penises are interlaced, touching, and shared. There is no fear present.

If reduced to a similar dynamic glyph, this is what an imperial male-male attempt at a hug looks like. It is unnatural, awkward, and quite uncomfortable. It as if the two are fearful of their penises touching, even through several layers of clothing. Silly gurrumiao.

It is also important on which side connects while embracing. There is a quite dramatic, noticeable difference between hugging or handshaking on the left and right sides. The right side seems to be rooted in defensive mechanisms, even in lefties. There is a prickly-porcupiney stand-offishness to a right-sided embrace. The left side, in sharp contrast, is an inviting, warm, weaving connection. You can palpably feel the link. Perhaps it is because the heart is on the left side, or maybe it's because the right side is the side that the majority of us are coerced into using for mundane things. Either way, when embracing, cuddling, or hand-clasping, use the left side for the connection, and watch and feel the difference!


Cuddle and keep in touchKeep in close, physical contact with your 'Tiao, whether you are sitting next to each other linking arms and legs, or you are sleeping next to each other, "spooning" (picture spoons in a drawer, cradled into each other). Cuddling is one of the best ways to keep in direct communication, and helps us weave together. We all need to be held! Cuddling is a sign of trust and closeness, and strengthens us. Remember that traditionally NiTainos would sleep together 2 or 3 to a hammock, and that our Amazonian cousins still do. Also remember the Ancestor's song: "Groove in me, I'm strong enough, to be weak in your arms". There is an inborn need in males to be close and physical with , and to be touched and embraced by other males. Many of the sports we play contain high levels of intense physical contact (ie. Wrestling, American football, and Lacrosse); and in all sports, physical contact is used to celebrate a victory, or console a defeat. Males of all ages- not just infants- who are denied or withheld from physical contact and touch with other males on a frequent, regular basis quickly deteriorate and become ill. Ongoing male-male touch and contact is crucial to the health and wellbeing of a human male.

Sleep togetherSLEEP TOGETHER

Sleeping with or in close proximity to your 'Tiao is an amazing event. Dreamscapes and R.E.M. patterns are shared, as well as masturbatory activity, even when you are asleep. You become almost symbiotic.


In the time just before sleep, or just upon awakening (which John Steinbeck called the Hour Of The Pearl), there is a Time of Dreaming, where honesty is present, and the masculine spirit soars. In this time, amazing discussions can be held. When the lighting is low or off, the other person can't see your facial expressions, and drama is rendered impossible. You must rely entirely on empathy. In The Hour Of The Pearl, inhibitions and judgments are totally down, and one can talk and share freely. This is the time to discuss and resolve important issues. In the Hour Of The Pearl, it is time to simply exist and be.


There is no greater equalizer than being CALATOA, or naked. Clothing is simply a very decorative shield system- either to beautify you or protect you. Imperial societies use clothing as class and status markers, which cause people to struggle to give the appearance that they are higher up in the pyramid scheme than they really are. Examples are overpriced "designer suits" and selective lack of clothing to gain attention. Imperials also use clothing for deception- "the clothes make the man"- as well as to hide their "evil and dirty privates". NiTaino has a word from Invasion times for this Eurasian neurosis- NAGUACOQUIO, literally: "They keep hidden so no one can see them"-that was a severe insult. It referred to people who insisted on wearing clothing all the time. It meant that your intentions were hidden, and you were not to be trusted.
My Master Puma used to require many of our training sessions to be held without clothing, and a Quiskeyan Behique I knew only does healing when all present are CALATOA. Remember that a well-dressed NiTaino male was wearing only a necklace, and maybe some body paint designed by and applied by his 'Tiao.


BodyworkMy 'Tiaos and I have always shared "backrubs". Touch is the strongest and most instantaneous communication between humans. It can be used for pleasure or pain, and it is a grand celebration of sensuality. I find it healing and pleasurable. For someone who has stress or tension, it is quicker and safer that surgery or drugs.
Everybody gets pains and aches. Instead of being robbed by an allopathic or holistic quack, you and your 'Tiaos should work on each other. You know what feels good, and you know how your bodies work. Basically, follow the contour of the body section you are working on, and always keep in contact. Truly feel the interaction, and follow your instincts. Keep the environment warm, dark, soft, and comfortable. Focus on feeling, and it will go correctly. Oil (Coconut, palm, or olive work well) may or may not be used. It's up to you and your 'Tiao!



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Sharing creation with your 'Tiao is an important aspect of bonding with him. For all types of creation- writing, singing, drawing, musical, performing- I cannot encourage you and your 'Tiao enough to go and co-create. Don't worry about if it is "professional", or if it will "sell". Did you ever wonder when and why was it that all "art" and "music" had to be done by approved professionals, so that it all ended up looking and sounding the same? 

VERBAL/ MUSICAL GAMES: These are free-association, improvisational games. One 'Tiao sings a song, until the other can think of another with the same theme or vocabulary. Then, responding to the first, the second 'Tiao  jumps in, and starts singing, until the first can make a connection, and then he jumps in singing. This can be done with words as well. Try not to repeat songs, and widely vary the genre of the songs. The longest game I have played lasted for four hours until it started to repeat. 

Body paintingDRAWING GAMES: Like the verbal music game above, there are two drawing games. The first is two 'Tiaos take turns drawing a part of a picture on the same sheet, until there is a larger picture finished. One can also draw a picture, and then hand it to the other to finish with a caption or by adding detail. 

BODY PAINTING: Another creative way to share together and bond is also quite traditional. You and your 'Tiao draw and paint portraits of each other, and see what is similar in the depictions, as well as individual unique aspects. Then, you both design a glyph or color scheme, and paint it on each other's bodies. The painting reflects both the individuals and the 'Tiao bond at the same time. It's a great way to celebrate the connection, stay intimate, and to express the beauty you see in your 'Tiao. The designs show how you feel about each other in a visual way. Classic NiTainos used body stamps of wood or stone in execution of their designs as well. 



Two wrestlersThis is the most widespread and common Monkey Play. This is not the "professional" WWE showboating, or the regimented Olympic styles (none that those are bad, though). Wrestling is the Amazonian freestyle grappling that has evolved into Brazilian "ji-jitsu", or ground rolling. (Think UFC without all of the punching and kicking.) It is basically a rough-and-tumble, arms and legs locked, bodies straining, can-you-pin-me, dude? body battle. This also can include practicing an Americanos martial art together, such as Tambu-Makana or Capoiera. The overall object of all of these is physical exertion in close contact, so that the two participants begin to "read" each other, and communicate physically and empathically. It is a fantastic way to quickly learn how to work closely with someone. Always have a release, such as a tap out to stop what's going on. Wrestle and roll outdoors in grass, sand, or snow; or indoors, in a large, clear, padded or carpeted area, so that there are no injuries. Traditionally, it is practiced in a specially cleared sandpit or plaza, and the wrestler's belts can be used to flip their opponent over. Turkey and Persia both offer similar 'Tiao relaywrestling events, as does Polynesia and the Nuba of Sudan. 


I first experienced this with Quiskeyan Xi'paals in Coney Island, NY. One Xi'paal picks up his 'Tiao over his shoulders, and says something like: "My Brother, I Love You, and Will Always Carry You When You Need Me To". He then carries his 'Tiao until he almost collapses, and then rolls his 'Tiao off of his shoulders onto a soft area. After a rest, the tossed 'Tiao carries the other, completing the relay. 


Dancing, Maori Among the many forms of dancing, I have found three masculine examples. The first kind of dancing a uniquely NiTaino Xi'paal method of pair-dancing, that can be extended into a whole line of Xi'paals. Salsa, Cumbia, Calypso, or Ska music work best. As one Xi'paal "Windmill Dances" to the song's groove, the other presses his opposing hip to the first's on the counterpoint rhythm. They do this while stepping forward and back. All the while, they keep their arms draped around each other. Dancers can face front-to-front, or back-to-front.  
The second kind of dancing is the enchantment, or fancydance. This has become competitive at modern "pow-wows", but actually was a form of storytelling, bragging, or enchanting. One 'Tiao beats a drum (or plays a flute), while the other freestyles to the rhythm. He attempts to share his vision, ideas, or feelings. He may even tell a story. This kind of dance was used at gatherings, or ARIETOS; or during rituals. It is quite powerful, and is rarely done properly anymore.  
The third kind of dance is a HAKA, or Victory Warrior Dance. It is either done before a battle to terrify the opponent, or done afterwards, as a victory romp. HAKAS are war-theater at it's best, and are showy, egotistical, and over-the-top. 
A New Zealand football team, the All Blacks, do a Maori Haka before each game. They have gotten in trouble in Europe, where the EYERIS didn't get the need for the HAKA. HAKAS are found throughout the Americas, Polynesia, and the Asian PaBatey, or Pok-a-tokcific rim. 


The Sacred NiTaino ballgame Batey (in Maya it is POK-A-TOK), was so popular, it spawned many famous offshoots- Hackey-Sack, Soccer (Futbol), Lacrosse, and probably Tennis. Basic rules are that only multiples of two can play (traditionally), divided into two teams. The BATU, or ball, which can be anything from a crocheted beanbag to a pink Spaldeen, is popped back and forth, or through or towards a target. The catch is that the ball cannot be touched by any of the player's hands. Any other body part can be used to hit, kick, spin, launch, etc. the BATU. It makes for a wildly fun time! I encourage you and your 'Tiao to come up with your own variants. Remember- just don't use your hands! 


Traditional stories of Guatiaos prominently feature them traveling together. In fact, there is this old proverb: "If you believe a man to be your close friend, travel with him for three days". Road trips are fun, and place you and your crew into changing, dynamic situations. It not only tests the bonds, but can strengthen them as well. A road trip can be focused, such as going to see friends or relatives, or to go on an adventure surfing or to go sightseeing or visit a monument; or it can be as free as just getting in a car, and seeing where you end up.


CampingSetting up camp in an outdoor situation, and truly living in the natural world, even for a night or two, can have profound and positive effects in our lives, especially those of us surviving in cities. I am not including RV homes and campers as camping, but actual tent dwelling. Bringing modern technology: batteries, halogen lamps, propane stoves, laptop computers, cell phones, boom boxes, etc into a natural environment are also discouraged. When we camp, we use a wood fire for lighting, cooking, and garbage disposal. Wood fires are dynamic and almost living, and bring a powerful invocation and connection to the place you are in. Sleeping outside of the eternal electromagnetic field grid of the imperial world can help change you perspectives and connections. Camping is also a great opportunity for being in the Grey Time, the Hour of the Pearl, and for Monkey PlayingPlaying with your Guatiaos.


This is one of the most misunderstood and abused rituals. It gets fucked up by imperials almost always, but it really is relatively simple. I have compiled these guidelines, so that it may always be done correctly. Remember three pointers above all else: 1) TEMESCAL is an important, sacred ritual; 2) Always stay hydrated; and 3) If you feel sick, get out immediately! 

WHAT YOU NEED: A space that can, through a heat source, produce enough steam to be brought to a wet heat of 100'F or more. This can be done in an outside dome covered in blankets, a sod-earth lodge, both with fire ovens/ steam cans installed; an indoor or outdoor Nordic-style Sauna; or, simply a tile bathroom with the shower and sink on "HOT" on at full throttle (and hooked up to a great water-heater). Improvise with what's around, it doesn't have to be a "traditional" structure or fire. The intent and invocation counts more than the location or heat source. Indeed, each of the EEUU regions had different traditions. Inipis of the Plains were temporary; while the TEMESCALS of the Aztec, Maya, NiTaino, and Matouac were permanent structures of wood or stone, and the steamworks  got quite fancy and complex. 

WHAT YOU DO: When the space has reached temperature, get naked, and enter it. If you need to, pour water on the heating element. As the steam comes up, pray, calling in a patron TAI TUREY member (a patron god), and AHAU (Ancestors), and have a praise, a prayer, or a thanks. A basic outline for TEMESCAL that I follow is (and it's really flexible...): 1) Heating, 2) Entering, 3) Round One: Invoking Gods/ Ancestors, and Goals, 4) Round Two: Invoking and Asking What Is Needed, 5) Round Three: Thanks and Praise, 6) Round Four: Secondary Requests and Thanksgiving, 7) Round Five: Thanks, Singing In Celebration, Closing. In between rounds, come out of the heated space, and cool off. If possible, shower or rinse with water. 
If someone needs healing, prayer is invoked in round two, and the healing work can progress between rounds two and three, and then each subsequent round. All those who opened the TEMESCAL should be in the final round, even if they have skipped other rounds. TEMESCAL may be taken solitary, or in a group. I  prefer to be alone or with two or three others, as too large a group begins to lose focus.  

WARNING!!!: DO NOT TAKE TEMESCAL IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM SMALLPOX, SHINGLES, MONKEYPOX, CHICKENPOX, OR MEASLES!!! IT CAN CAUSE COMPLICATIONS AND DEATH!!! Other common diseases, such as colds, flu, pneumonia, and even more serious ones such as diabetes, cancer, and even HIV can be cured, healed, or improved by doing TEMESCAL. Just remember to keep hydrated, as you are sweating lots of fluids out. 

*If you feel dizzy, overwhelmed, sick, etc- LEAVE THE SWEAT IMMEDIATELY! You can always go back in on the next round. 
*Only participants of the same sex can take TEMESCAL together. 
*Take TEMESCAL fully naked- not in shorts or sweatpants or t-shirts, or the like. 
*Keep lots of drinking water around, and keep drinking it. 
*Unless there is a specific masculine healing or a GUATIAO shell ritual gong on, no erotic activity is permitted in TEMESCAL. It really throws the energy off, so do it before or after, not during. 
*TEMESCAL should be taken sober. If done right, you will feel altered, stoned, intoxicated, and fucked up just from the sweat. If you are stoned going in, you will miss a lot.



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In NiTaino culture- as in any fratrifocal culture- shared male-male sensual and erotic play is considered sacred, as it reflects the moment of cosmic creation. (See OLD SCHOOL PARADIGM section for more, under SACRED MASCULINE EROTICISM.)
Erotic PlayTo share your arousal and orgasmic moments with your Guatiao(s) is not only sacred, but it strengthens and deepens the relationship. This is reflected in the traditional GUATIAO SHELL/ NAME EXCHANGE CEREMONY, provided below.
The closeness, sacredness, and intensity of sharing eroticism with your Guatiao(s) demand certain guidelines and protocols be observed. Love, respect, dignity, sobriety, and clear, concise communication are always required. Without these present, erotic play becomes imperial conquest, objectification, and NOT an equal sharing. A core idea of Guatiao is equality between the brother / lover / friends. When this balance and respect are broken, he's not your bro, he's your bitch. You render him as a non-male by treating him as such. In essence, you are either breaking his masculinity, or making him surrender it by conquest. This is why anal sex is considered prohibited in traditional NiTaino culture. You are to celebrate your brother, not conquest him. Any penetration creates an imbalance, and destroys the sharing immediately. (I use more traditional Greek definitions where sex = penetration, and erotic = arousal and sharing)
Erotic activities you can share with your Guatiao include masturbation and intercrural frottage, or frot. Frot consists basically of naked wrestling and nuzzling, where body contact with the penises is encouraged and a focal point. Both masturbation and frot have many variants, so keeping it interesting shouldn't be difficult.
I cannot emphasize enough the glory of you and your Guatiaos sharing masturbation together! It is a phenomenal experience, and is the quickest way to reach a higher level together, both spiritually and physically. It is the easiest way to share the sacred masculine creative force. It is also a most powerful bonding experience. "Circle Jerks" are always intense!
Sharing masturbationWhen I was in high school, at a Pi'tiao's 17th birthday party (which was only 22 males attending, as the host parents weren't going to be home, and they worried abut an orgy or pregnancies in their absence.), someone put in a porno movie. Slowly, everyone began masturbating, with everyone attending reaching several orgasms each. When the parents came home, they thought we were stoned!
Even in empire, images of groups of males masturbating together are becoming quite popular- Japanese and American Bukkake, and American military and fraternities circle jerk films are the best examples.
A note on pornography in any form: images of naked people and erotic activity are not bad in themselves. The problem is that the actors are used in fabricated imperial fetishized fantasies rooted deeply in imperial pathologies. They are mostly about Guacaciq, conquest, objectification, and disrespect and destroy the sacredness of human intimacy by turning them into cheap commodities. If pornography is to be used, chose a more realistic and less imperialistic kind.

The concept of exploration and play, as well as the concepts on male eroticism in the OLD SCHOOL PARADIGM section that apply to you aroused solitary also apply to you and your Guatiaos aroused together.

This is why conquest-type anal sex is considered prohibited in traditional NiTaino culture. You are to celebrate your brother, not conquest him. Any penetration of this sort creates an imbalance, and destroys the sharing immediately. (I use more traditional Greek definitions where sex = penetration, and erotic = arousal and sharing). Guys who are able to be erotic anally should look into the use of fingers, toys, small objects (watch for sharp objects!), and possibly even a friend's penis if it is not used to dominate or hurt. All anal play requires direct, clear communication and respect.


Guatiao ShellWe are given clear instructions in the NiTaino stories and the Amatl Turey several times for this sacred ceremony. It is the most sacred and precious of the ceremonies between two people. It is exclusively male, and once done, the bond should not be broken, so take the oaths and commitments and bonds seriously.
Consider it a permanent bond. As far as the meaning of the bond, it is a request of recognition from the gods, your ancestors, and your community that you and your boy are full brother/ lover/ friends, and it represents the two of you becoming woven as one on a molecular, genetic level. (This is why this and all similar ceremonies existing in traditional fratrifocal societies involve blood or semen.)
The prayers, oath, and details of the ceremony are up to you and your Guatiao, for the most part. Obviously we live in imperial times, and NiTaino is a living, dynamic culture. Variances in this bonding ritual will reflect you and your boy's love for and connection with each other; as well as your interests and customized styling. Make it yours, and feel your boy and the love between you- that's what's most important- it's your celebration!
Guatiao is usually done between two males, but triplets were known classically. Also, if there is to be a group of warriors or such, a WAMO, or Guatiao shell, can be done between all members of the group.
Besides the celebration involved, there are two aspects that are of core importance and should remain constant: the Wamo and the exchange of names.
The Wamo or Guatiao Shell is the shell (or other natural-material container) that is used to catch and hold the semen of the participants. The semen is then allowed to dry in the shell, and the shell is kept safe on an altar to the bond of the participants.
The end of the ritual is the sacrifice and the oath: you and your Guatiao masturbate yourselves at the same time into the Wamo. As you climax, you embrace or link hands, say your oath to each other, and call each other by the new name you have chosen for each other. The names can reflect an attribute of the pair; they can be nicknames, either obvious or an inside joke; pet names for each other; or a combinations of the two participants' names.


The imperial fallacy is that it is unmasculine and anti-male for a male to love and show affection towards another male. This is the complete opposite of the truth, however- there is nothing more masculine than male-male love, affection, bonding, and play. Being bonded with, defined by, and controlled by a non-male is a complete surrender of one's masculinity, and that is unmasculine.

A male cannot reach the pinnacle of his masculinity unless he has Guatiao and actively practices Guiarq, Quibey, and Tekguiarq.
A male cannot be in a balanced and healthy relationship with a non-male unless he is at the pinnacle of his masculinity.

A Boriqueno rappero we know in NYC put it simply in a rhyme:

You're a pariguayo homo faggot
You're not even a man
'Cause you're afraid to kiss your brother
or get him off with your hand

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